SIASP Urban Arabic: Beginner - Elementary

Urban Arabic is a systematic program developed by Saifi Institute to teach the Levantine dialect which is spoken in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan. It is essential to learn this language if you want to communicate with people in the region or conduct research in the field. We are the only Arabic school in the Middle East offering a step-by-step curriculum in the Levantine dialect that uses the Arabic script. In this five-week course, students will reach intermediate level, covering both the beginner and elementary levels using Saifi Institute’s dedicated Urban Arabic curriculum and textbooks.


The summer program places special emphasis on additional practice in conversation, giving presentations, and listening comprehension to ensure students graduate with a solid foundation and with confidence in their language abilities. This program sets students up to continue their studies in Arabic in the Middle East or anywhere else around the world. Students with NO prior knowledge of Arabic can join this course.