Urban Arabic: Beginner High Conversation - (Monday & Wednesday 12:30 PM- 3:30 PM) FT2

This course runs alongside the Urban Arabic Beginner course using the vocabulary and grammar provided in class (Beginner - Intensive / Beginner - High). At this stage of language learning students often feel shy about speaking, or do not have sufficient opportunities to use Arabic in daily life due to their limited knowledge of the language.


The class serves several purposes: it aids in the recall of new vocabulary and grammar plus it offers students the opportunity to practice speaking in a comfortable environment. Activities include discussions in small groups, listening to songs, and playing games. On completion of this course students will have:

  • Increased recall of all the vocabulary from the beginner level (ART method).
  • A wider vocabulary as extra words and phrases are provided in class.
  • Developed listening comprehension skills from listening to simple songs e.g. children’s songs.
  • Improved reading skills from additional texts provided in class e.g. simple stories in Urban Arabic.
  • Learned how to construct and translate sentences of increased complexity.
  • Improved ability to conjugate present tense verbs, mood-markers, and pseudo-verbs.