Urban Arabic: Intermediate Conversation - Regular ( Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 PM- 2:00 PM) FT2

Parallel to the Urban Arabic Intermediate class, this course uses the vocabulary and grammar provided in class (Intermediate – High or Intensive).  At this stage comprehension and speaking should be well-developed enabling students to converse on more complex topics.  Additional words and phrases on the topics discussed in class are provided to widen vocabulary. Students receive extra practice in using complex grammatical concepts such as gerunds, the verb “to become”, and the conditional tense. The course uses games and activities, songs, short movies or scenes from movies and ART methodology to improve recall.  On completion of this course students will have:

  • Improved narration skills through reading more complex stories about “Abu Jameel”
  • Learned to understand songs with more complex lyrics and short advertisements
  • Increased knowledge of culture and society in Lebanon by watching scenes from Lebanese movies
  • Expanded vocabulary through class debates on social issues using technical words
  • Advanced speaking skills by learning sophisticated forms of expression that can be used in a professional environment
  • Memorized commonly used phrases and gerunds by participating in games and activities that use ART