Urban Arabic : Educated- Intensive ( Monday Till Friday 12:30 PM To 3:30 PM) FT2

This is the fourth level in the Urban Arabic program.  At this level the focus is on increasing accuracy and the course is conducted largely in Arabic. Important vocabulary gaps are covered; metaphors, idioms and expressions are taught, thus helping students to sound more like a native speaker.  This course enables students to speak in a variety of settings, both formal and informal, comprehending most content spoken in a variety of styles.  The material covered in this course includes:

  • Advanced verbs, synonyms and adjectives for daily life
  • Advanced connectors, adverbs and relative clauses
  • Arabic expressions, idioms, metaphors and exaggeration
  • Nouns for machinery and technology
  • Deriving verbs from adjectives
  • Root verb forms and their purpose
  • Organizing repairs, making bookings and lodging complaints
  • Exercise, excursions, nature and scenery
  • Sickness, complaints and visits to medical professionals
  • Emotions and gifts
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Life goals, death, the future and ambitions