Formal Arabic: Beginner- Intensive (Monday thru Friday 9:00- 12:00 PM) Fall Term 1

Formal Arabic: Beginner- Intensive

This course is designed for students that already have a BASIC Understanding of the written Arabic language, this means that you need to be able to read and write the Arabic Alphabet.

Students will become comfortable with the Arabic script, mind as well as the written Arabic of daily life such as signs, prostate menus, cialis applications, receipts and maps. They will be able to express basic information about themselves and practical everyday issues by filling in forms, applications, writing short notes and comfortably spell new words and names. By the end of the course students will read announcements and short stories taken from local media sources.



Feminine & Masculine

Derived adjectives


Definite articles

Subject pronouns

Plural verb conjugation

Noun plurals


Feminine plural

Genitive construction

Possessive pronouns

The present tense verb and verbs forms

Negating present tense verbs

Object pronouns suffixes

Nominal sentence

Verbal sentence

Definite and indefinite articles

Demonstrative pronouns “this & that”

Counting and numbers from 11-100




Question “Why”?

The superlative form

Nominal sentence and the fronted predicate.

Past Tense

Negating past tense

Roots and forms of past, present tense and Gerunds.

Present tense in the progressive and stative form

Ordinal numbers

The predicate sentence falling as “adjective”

Forms of the verbs

Future and negating it

Nouns in the case taking “fathah”

Verb subject agreement

Sentence complements “2enna” & “ 2anna”

Negating past tense and present tense

In addition to couple of extra lessons added by Saifi that are complementary and necessary to the book1.