SIASP Formal Arabic: Beginner- Elementary (Monday thru Friday 9:00 – 3:30 PM) Summer Term 2

SIASP Beginner & Elementary (Formal Arabic)

The SIASP program includes the following:

  • How to read and comprehend simple texts and understand the main idea from the context
  • How to write short paragraphs or essays to describe themselves and their environment
  • Nominal and verbal sentence construction
  • Details of Arab culture in everyday life
  • Basic verbs in the present tense
  • Nouns and how to conjugate them according to gender and number
  • How to count and use ordinal numbers
  • The grammar of using adverbs, adjectives, the superlative, conditional and negation
  • Discuss topics of general interest
  • Understand the purpose of the different verb forms and use them correctly
  • Identify some verbs by their root form
  • Read, write and speak with increased grammatical accuracy
  • Start using an Arabic dictionary
  • Read and understand the main ideas in non-technical writing
  • Write essays and opinion pieces on topics studied