Urban Arabic: Beginner Low- Regular (Monday & Wednesday 5:00 PM- 8:00 PM) - SP1

Urban Arabic: Beginner- Low - Regular

This is the first level in Urban Arabic and it's the first step towards Arabic. Students will learn how to hold basic conversations, based on daily life topics and integrate Lebanese culture by learning the survival expressions that are required to launch a conversation. (below are general points of what this level will cover)

  • Learn to recognize and write all Arabic letters in all forms (connected and unconnected).
  • Learn to write in the Arabic Chat alphabet
  • Become comfortable writing words phonetically
  • Read words slowly and pronouncing them
  • Proper Greeting and salutations
  • Introducing one's self and excusing one's self properly
  • Ability to identify and describe the location of physical things
  • Independent pronouns and pronoun suffixes
  • Expressing possession (suffix, genetive construction, and vocabulary)
  • Ask and answer questions by using the correct affirmative or negative words.
  • How to structure different types of sentences. i.e verbal and non- verbal sentences.
  • Talking about locations and know how to get to a place by using prepositions and words about places. Identify origins.
  • Use courtesies like "please" and "thank you" in formal and informal circumstances.